Six Signs It’s Finally Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

Wondering when is the best time to remodel your bathroom? If you’re on the fence about investing in a bathroom renovation, there are some things to look for to help you determine whether your space is overdue for a makeover. Here are six typical signs that indicate you need to remodel your bathroom.

The paint colors need a refresh

Paint colors are just like other home trends—they come and go. If your bathroom’s looking dated due to an old paint color, it’s time to invest in a remodel. Looking for a paint color that’s always on trend? White and gray hues are ideal for a bathroom, giving the space a fresh, clean and neutral look that’s always appealing.

It’s smelling old

Whether due to poor ventilation or a failed toilet wax seal, bathrooms tend to develop a funk over time. There are several ways to fix this, from adding a window to updating the plumbing. Even installing a new toilet can remove the offending odors for good.

The lighting isn’t flattering

Over the past several decades, bathroom design trends typically included lighting strategies that just weren’t flattering. Typically, a rack of spherical lights over the vanity was the primary light source in a bathroom. This lighting scheme is harsh and doesn’t produce the effect of natural light falling on the face. Instead, switch up your light fixtures and place fixtures on either side of the vanity mirror near eye level.

You’re constantly looking for more storage

From soaps to lotions, hair dryers to brushes, bathrooms accumulate a lot of materials. If you’re sick of living with a cluttered bathroom where nothing really has its dedicated place, it’s time for a redesign with storage in mind. If you’re not ready to knock out walls and physically expand the space, look for creative storage solutions like an over-door shelf, custom built-ins or vanities with extra storage.

You’re living with mold

Bathrooms are damp, humid environments. In other words, they’re a breeding ground for mold. One of the most obvious signs that indicate you need to remodel your bathroom is green and black mold in the shower or tub area. Even a minor mold problem could turn into a large one. While bleach removes minor mold growth, larger areas of mold require replacement of bathroom insulation and a full remodel.

You’re selling your home

Planning to put your home on the market in the future? If you’ve been debating a bathroom remodel, it’s a smart idea to make the investment. A dated bathroom is an immediate turnoff for potential buyers, and you can often recoup the amount you spend in a practical renovation when it’s time to sell.

When is the best time to remodel your bathroom? If your bathroom just isn’t working for you anymore, whether in terms of function or aesthetics, contact the team at Joe Myers Construction Inc. We have an extensive track record of successful bathroom renovations, turning tired old bathrooms into updated, functional spaces. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and get started!