5 Things to Do and Expect During a House Renovation

A house renovation is a big undertaking, whether you’ve done it before or not. One thing to remember is that you can expect the unexpected, but there are some things you can do to plan ahead so that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Here are some house renovation expectations and things you should do to prepare you for some of the challenges you may face during your project. Understanding a little more about what you can anticipate makes the frustrations of the project a lot easier to bear!


You can’t take on a house renovation and not expect to encounter plenty of dust during the project. Even if your contractor’s installed ZipWalls in your interior spaces, dust can gather throughout the house even far from the areas under construction. Try to close off the construction areas from the rest of the home, and use air handlers to pull dust from their air in spaces that aren’t currently under construction. Also, block warm-air and cold-air returns in construction areas, since you could pull dust and debris into the system.

Unexpected challenges

If you’re doing any demolition during your house renovation, you can expect potential roadblocks like asbestos, irregular framing, shoddy wiring, poor plumbing and other unexpected and expensive surprises. Include contingencies in your budget and time frame so you can be prepared when something unanticipated happens.


It’s rare that a construction project of any size or scope isn’t delayed. Whether your contractor gets sick or building components take too long to arrive, there can be several causes for delays. Try to anticipate schedule shifts, stay patient and maintain close communication with your contractor to keep your project on track as much as possible. Keep in mind that decision changes during the project can cause major delays, so determine whether mid-project adjustments are worth timeline setbacks.


Keep in mind that your daily routine will be disrupted during the renovation process. Not only will your daily life at home look different during construction, but you’ll also spend hours on the phone with contractors, vendors and anyone else who’s helping with the project. Expect to be without a kitchen or bathroom for extended periods of time, to possibly have the power out or to possibly have the water shut off.


Unless you’re a skilled contractor yourself, you can’t take on a major renovation without a little help. Whenever you need to contract out some work, choose your contractor carefully. It’s best to work with a single company that covers all your renovation requirements and needs, rather than bringing in several teams to complete separate projects—it often eats up your timeline and budget. As you choose a contractor, look for one that’s licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

There are many house renovation expectations to consider before turning your current home into your dream home. Want to learn more about the renovation process? Contact Joe Myers Construction Inc. today. We’re experts in remodels and renovations from minor to major, and we understand how to make your renovation dreams come true.