What Are the Typical Stages of Kitchen Remodeling?

If you’re looking to improve your home but don’t have the time or money to remodel your whole house, focusing on the kitchen is a great option. Kitchen remodeling is a one-room project that will immediately enhance the functionality of your home and raise its market value. Whether you want to carve out some DIY tasks for yourself or contract the whole project out to experts, you’ll need a clear vision for your ideal finished product and a plan for how to get there.

So, where do you start? If you’ve never taken on a big renovation before, you may be overwhelmed at the very thought of trying to plan out such a project. Have no fear—we’ll walk you through every stage of the kitchen remodeling process to help get you started.

Kitchen remodeling stages

While no two kitchen remodeling projects are the same, there are some general stages that most projects go through. If you’re starting to plan out your own kitchen remodel, this is a good framework to work within:

  • Demolition: Before you can build your dream kitchen, you’ve got to tear out the current one. In the demolition stage, you may remove the existing walls, cabinets, floors or fixtures in order to make room for all the new things you’ve selected for your kitchen. If you do this without the help of professionals, ensure you turn the water off before demolition begins.
  • Rough-in work: This step is to complete anything related to building new walls and installing things that go inside of them—think wall framing, electricity and plumbing. This may take some time, so plan accordingly.
  • Inspection: Once rough-in work is finished, you’ll need to call the city and schedule an inspection to make sure you’ve completed the work in accordance with the building codes in your jurisdiction and are ready to take on the next step. If you hire a contractor, they’ll handle this for you.
  • Finish walls: When you know your rough-in work has been approved, you can build your new walls—hang, tape and finish your drywall in accordance with your remodel plans. You’ll also add a coat of primer to your walls during this step.
  • Installation and decoration: The last step in the process is to install all the new kitchen elements you’ve been picking out for months—finally! These may include things like doors, windows, cabinetry, plumbing and lighting fixtures, appliances, flooring, new paint colors and furniture.

This process can be long and arduous—no matter how thorough your plans are at the start of your kitchen remodeling project, unexpected things may come up at any kitchen remodeling stage, forcing you to think on your feet and pivot.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. The skilled team at Joe Myers Construction Inc. is here to help you every step of the way. Visit us online to learn about our kitchen remodeling services, then reach out to get the process started. We can’t wait to help you build your dream kitchen!