5 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Open Floor Plan in Your Home

Whether you are having a custom home built or looking to have your existing home remodeled, you will want to consider an open floor plan. This open concept can make a huge difference in the overall appearance, feel and function of your home. Here are a handful of reasons to consider an open floor plan.

#1: Enhanced Natural Light

When you eliminate certain interior walls to create an open floor plan, the atmosphere will be enhanced because of the increase in natural light coming through your windows. With more and more people spending more time inside, allowing more of the sunshine into the home can offer both physical and mental benefits. It will also help cut back on electricity costs.

#2: More Spacious Feel

Your home will look and feel more spacious when it is one large open room as opposed to multiple rooms that are blocked off by walls. Even though the size of your room will not change, the appearance will.

#3: Improved Communication

When the walls are not blocking your view, you will have an open line of sight, allowing for better communication with your family or guests. This is why open floor concepts tend to be popular with larger families and those who enjoy entertaining. An open floor plan where the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all combined allows everyone to feel more connected with one another instead of feeling separated.

#4: Easier Maneuvering

You can also move more freely throughout the space with an open floor plan. This is because there are no walls breaking up your movements. In addition, an open floor plan allows you to create the traffic flow direction you want with the use of your furniture.

#5: Easier to Entertain

As previously mentioned, an open floor plan is great for someone who enjoys entertaining at their home. As the host, you are responsible for entertaining your guests, providing them with food, etc. If you’re in the kitchen and they’re in the living room, this can cause a disconnect and potentially harm the overall atmosphere that you’d like to have.

It is true that open floor plans are not for everyone, but it may be right for you. If you are interested in learning more about why an open floor plan in my home can work or if you would like to partner with someone who can bring your vision to life, contact our team at Joe Myers Construction, Inc. today to schedule a consultation.