Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Home

Whether you’re a new homeowner who just got the keys to your dream house or an existing one who wants to freshen up your current abode, the question of “how am I going to decorate my home?” is one that many homeowners and renters find relatable. Home decoration can be a source of fun and excitement. It can also be a great creative outlet to show off your personal style and interests. In the article below, we’ve listed some of the best tips for decorating your home to inspire your next home makeover.

Avoid the furniture store until you have a plan

While it might be tempting to rush to the furniture store as soon as you have the keys to a new home, it’s not a good idea if you want a cohesive decorating style. Choosing large furniture pieces before you’ve even measured your rooms or considered a color scheme can be an expensive mistake. No one wants to cancel or return furniture after they’ve dropped money on such a large purchase. As a result, it’s best to take a deep breath, measure your house’s rooms and come up with a floor layout before making such big buys.

Construct a floor plan and measure room dimensions

While home decorating might seem like something the professionals do on a whim, there is a method to the home decor madness. Before you dive into the fun stuff like selecting furniture, contemplating paintings to hang, and developing a color scheme, you’ll need to do the “boring” parts like measuring the dimensions of each room and considering a floor plan. When you have a floor plan, you can go to the furniture store and the home decor store with an idea of what will work in your home based on the size of the space and items.

For drafting a plan for the floor, you can either do so manually with pencils and paper or use a professional program like AutoCAD. No matter how you create your floor plan, you’ll be glad that you put in the extra time to plan out your home decorating project beforehand. This will save you time, money, and headaches with the rest of the process.

Follow tried-and-true interior decorating rules

From hanging paintings and pictures fifty-seven inches from the floor to placing objects together in groups of threes to incorporating fresh flowers into table decor, some tips never go out of style. If you want to make your bedroom look fresh without doing anything new to it, make your bed every day – it makes a big difference. Washing windows also helps.

When you wish to give rooms a pleasant mood or feel with the lighting, try layering the lighting so that you have a light that serves the purpose of lighting the room, a light that creates an ambient mood, and a light that accents the other lights. This helps warm up a room and make it feel inviting.